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Dobyns Chronicles

A most inspiring book that brings out a full range of emotion.

Dobyns Chronicles

Full Description

This 260-page historical fiction book, Dobyns Chronicles, is the story of Charley and his family. The story allows us to follow young Charley, who was born in 1872, living with his parents in Texas, and later brother David and sister Viola. Glimpsing the lives of the Dobyns family showed that the family was filled with love and lots of hard work. Sadly though, in 1888 the world changed forever when tragedy struck the Dobyns family, leaving sixteen-year-old Charley in charge of his siblings. He is determined to hold his family together, and Dobyns Chronicles allows readers to follow along on his life’s journey.
Dobyns Chronicles gives readers an incredible look at the changing and not so easy times that Charley lived in. The characters literally jump off the pages. You can feel the love from new lives coming into the world to the loss of beloved family members.
The story captures a simpler time. Hardship is certainly a part of the story, but the strength of the characters allowed me to believe that they could overcome anything. This book truly plays out like a wonderful motion picture where you feel as if you’re watching the episodes of Charley’s life unfold. From the sting of early loss to the people who helped him along the way, you see the many facets of Charley’s life and watch as the world around him changed. But the one constant was his love of family, and the fact that life always goes on.
Dobyns Chronicles gives you a feel of what Texas and Oklahoma were like in the years from 1872 to 1955.


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