Don’t Resign: A Woman’s Right In A Man’s World

In an era where women are being maliciously smeared “troublemakers, elevator screamers, and falsely accused for falsely accusing men of sexual harassment”, compelling preponderance of evidence proves this is a witty, true story. More than just a memoir, but a real-life tell-all expose’ about what really takes place behind the closed doors of the Federal Government for some women, regardless race and status, who challenges sexual harassment and turns to a system set up to fail them.

After transferring from department to department, going through a series of court battles, judges’ collusion, malicious smear campaigns, and fighting for she and her child’s lives for twelve years, by the grace and mercy of Natresha’s Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, she emerges victoriously as a triumphant overcomer. She has written Don’t Resign to bring light to the desperate need for stronger laws of protection for women, provide helpful tips for women and men to recognize sexual harassment and how to safely navigate out of it, and encourages women to don’t give-up, Don’t Resign.

Author’s note: Yes, sexual harassment happens and it takes courage, maturity, and strength to share our stories. Forgiveness is one of my favorite sections in my book.