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Dr. H.H. Holmes & the Whitechapel Ripper

Herman Mudgett, Jack the Ripper, Devil in the White City, Murder Castle

Dr. H.H. Holmes & the Whitechapel Ripper

Full Description

Herman Webster Mudgett began a mysterious life of oddities in Gilmanton, NH. He evolved over the years to become one of the most proficient killing machines of the nineteenth-century. Dr. H. H. Holmes (Mudgett) was a good looking young man able to swindle women and widows out of their inheritances. Holmes was a most cunning and cutthroat businessman. Holmes’ Murder Castle (a Hotel built a few miles from the Chicago Worlds fair of 1893) was designed specifically to assist him in murder and disposal of bodies.

Holmes specialty was disfiguring corpses to defraud insurance companies out of thousands of dollars and articulating skeletons and selling them to universities, hospitals, and doctors. Holmes had an array of henchmen at his beckon call. What was it about this 5’7″ 135lb man that he was able to seize others will?

What of the many other Ripper theories? Jill the Ripper? Francis Tumbelty? And many others?

How did Holmes kill? How did he instill fear? What was found beneath the Murder Castle and what did it reveal about Holmes?

A 2014 International Best Seller that keeps the reader engaged and begs to question, has Jack the Ripper’s identity finally been revealed?


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