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Efficient Diets for Losing Weight (New Beginning Book): Discover the Effective Ways to Healthy Life

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Efficient Diets for Losing Weight (New Beginning Book): Discover the Effective Ways to Healthy Life

Full Description

Overweight people have many complexes, unfulfilled desires, inability to self-motivation, and one day they start going with the flow, without burdening themselves with the beauty. Double feelings towards their personalities dispose a person even more against himself due to the despair and lack of self-realization. Moreover, a person still lives in this flow of negative thoughts, chews fast-food day by day, and so on. The secret is that a person starts realizing that not the surroundings but the person himself is is to blame for his current condition. Taking off the ‘rose-colored glasses’ affects people significantly, they are forced to look at something they have created with their hands and start training to eat according to a particular system and look at them from inside.
In this book, I use mainly carbohydrate-free diet and focus on the consumption of protein and fiber. Regarding information, the book offers no formula calories or metabolism calculation methods, doesn’t provide a detailed examination of different adverse effects at rapid weight loss. Based on many years of practice in various approaches in the field of dietary science, I am sure that proper nutrition is the key to health and beauty.
I have plenty of stout friends, and guess what their standard feature is? They have the same psychology. They do not seek solutions to their problem but only prove their innocence. I am fat because I gave birth, because I have no money or time to attend the gym, have a massage; such is my metabolism… just different justifications.
Here You Will Learn…
Psychology of the Stout and the Skinny
So Why to Trigger the Same Back Flash Again?
Main Motivations for Losing Weight
How to Change The Food Culture?
The Effectiveness of Fasting Days & The Most Popular Fasting Days
Bonus! Three Basic Diets (Complete collection – save $2.99)
Much, much more! …Free Gift Inside 😉

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