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Ersha’s Revenge

Nothing is sweeter than revenge.

Ersha's Revenge

Full Description

After all the excitement and adventuring involved in saving Zafora, Kat and Xavien just want to settle together into their new lives back on Earth. It isn’t long before that peace is uprooted. If either of them thought Zafora was done with them, they were wrong.
Back on Zafora, Ersha—the first and most powerful Wezosard—is not pleased. The races still control the planet, thanks to the damnable intervention of that “Liberator,” Kat. Ersha’s plague may have been stopped, but Ersha himself is not so easily deterred. He has set into motion another plan to rule Zafora and free the creatures from the races’ tyranny. This time he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
And what Ersha wants more than Lordship, is revenge.

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