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'The escapsim of Harry Potter blended with the adventure of Philip Pullmans, HIs dark materials...'


Full Description

Elora’s past lays hidden in a web of lies and half-truths. But now the web is unravelling, and as the world around her descends into chaos and destruction, Elora is about to embark on a terrifying journey of discovery.
After putting her voice to a forbidden song, she becomes entwined with an ancient power from another realm. Only her voice may save the Earth, if she doesn’t destroy it first.
Along the way her life becomes embroiled with Bray. A warrior judge who’s task is to rid the world of what does not belong. His elven lineage lends him heightened senses and abilities which aid them in their quest. Although romantic feelings between the pair are plagued by the knowledge that Bray’s only option to save the Earth may be to kill her.
‘When the darkness whispers her name – Run!’

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