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Exiles from the Sacred Land

Book 2 of the Sacred Land Saga

Exiles from the Sacred Land

Full Description

The Sacred Land Saga continues with Book 2 Exiles from the Sacred Land…

Plagued with essence sickness, Dorenn must endure a risky cure so he can continue to wield magic. But before he can travel to get the cure, he must make a stop at Foreshome where he comes face to face with the young elf maiden who has been invading his dreams! Plans to secure the Sacred Land continue to go awry as the wielders desperately try to organize and take command of their fate. An unlikely hero begins to emerge in the north.

The Sacred Land is reawakening and bringing with it more than just magical power. Consequences from the War of the Oracle, the war that created the Sacred Land, are rising to the surface as Dorenn and his wielder companions struggle to keep the past in the past and to ensure hope for the future. The more the Sacred Land reveals, however, the darker the future becomes!


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