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Falling For The Dare

Dare to Love Series

Falling For The Dare

Full Description

For Danica Leroux, being an undercover agent has always been
her dream,and when she receives a new promotion, she knows it
comes with a huge responsibility.
When she learns her new job will entangle her with the one-and only
movie star, Hunter Ford, she eagerly dives into the new
assignment with her spunky and challenging attitude. Because threats
were made against him, she’s to protect him until the premier of
his latest movie…or until they find who’s making the threats.
Not long after she accepts the assignment, a curve-ball is
thrown,and she finds herself with a dilemma. How can she protect
him if she becomes the target?
When her life is on the line, she pushes him away for his own
protection. But, does she push too far?

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