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False Roads To Manhood: What Women Need to Know: What Men Need to Understand

Going behind the scenes of a man's heart and emotions is not easy when it comes to healing.

False Roads To Manhood: What Women Need to Know: What Men Need to Understand

Full Description

False Roads to Manhood chronicles the journeys that men pursue when life hurts. It is God’s divine purpose for men to get off the counterfeit roads that lead to irresponsibility and guillotine approaches to manhood, and to rebuild their lives, revolutionizing manhood. This is a book of adventure, suspense and intrigue spanning a seven-year voyage into the heart and soul of manhood, in which the author travels into critical areas of men’s inner emotions. And to help women know what they need to know when encountering men. Written with surgical precision, False Roads To Manhood guides men on an extraordinary journey through their souls, not only to help men understand themselves but also to enlighten women about today’s “Adam” in Christ. Chase uncovers answers and shares wisdom, knowledge, and understanding with women while disclosing the hidden truths behind the iron mask of manhood through personal and emotional accounts from men of varying backgrounds and races. The book helps men to unashamedly surrender their pain and get back on the road to healing and a life of destiny. This profound book touches youth, men, and women and can be a tool for youth programs that teach boys to become men.

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