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Where Angels, Demons and Superheroes collide, warriors of virtue out to save Earth!


Full Description

A doomed Earth leaves our super warrior no choice but to head to the human colony on Titan as she leaves behind friends and family.
Discovering her past Fantacia brings together a world of heroic dark fantasy, allies such as angels and Dragons, all standing together.
She is a Voxian warrior.
The Voxians are an alien species, fanged vampire teeth, who live off the blood of animals in their forests, they are not predators who attack and kill, and not even the animals are left for dead. This species are gentle and live peaceful lives – until you piss them off!
Belial is a demon, his escape from the Hell Dimension has left the humans in deep trouble, his torturous behaviour and his evil dictatorship has brought Earth to its knees.
Beth, daughter of the king of Vox as turned to evil and is working with Belial, she along with the evil Vardu – a zombielike vampire species, do the evil bidding of the evil demon master.
With the search for ‘The Book of Demons’ Kathos the king of Vox will be able to call upon the gateway of Hell to open and suck back in his evil brother, but with Beth helping Kathos’s evil sibling, does he have the strength to complete the task he has been sent to do?
With Fantacia and her children, plus the city and mountain warriors by his side Kathos is stronger than ever.
Winged men, wolves of a huge size, Dragons and a species of evolved dinosaurs all come together with the humans to fight, and epic battle is fought as Kathos meets Belial face to face!
Superpowers are a gift that comes from a ceremony, some are fast, some are strong, but all Voxians are strong, powerful and beautiful!
This book has everything a reader 17+ would love, a story of virtue, of strength and of overwhelming power and the will to defeat evil.

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