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Fasting For Health And Highness

enabling the body to heal itself

Fasting For Health And Highness

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A juice fast is different than a ‘water-only’ fast. As its name implies, a juice fast allows for some fruit and vegetable juices. A water-only fast is severe and possibly dangerous – because it doesn’t flush out toxins from the body as effectively as a juice fast. For a person without fasting experience, the release of too many toxins during a water-only fast could prove harmful. That’s why, for all but experienced fasters, a juice fast is preferable.

A person’s body is continually trying to cleanse itself. One of the healthiest things a person can do is to facilitate that process. That’s what a proper juice or cleansing fast does.

When a person sleeps, he allows the body a respite from eating. During that ‘down time’ the body will try and deal with the excesses of the previous 15 hours’ indulgences. That’s why the first meal is called breakfast. The grim reality is that most of us eat copious amounts of food, and much of that is still undigested when we wake to start filling up again. The body tries valiantly to clean itself, but it’s often a losing battle. The proof of that is the overweight and misshapen bodies we see everyday. Those bodies usually belong to people who eat more than their digestive tract can process. Granted, it’s more complicated than that, but too-slowly digested foodstuff is a primary reason for obesity.


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