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Fatal Charm

Murder, theft and a race for their lives in Paris and Brittany.

Fatal Charm

Full Description

Fatal Charm is about a young jewelry designer, Caitlin Abernathy, who lives a quiet life and is involved with a man who is rather boring — that is until he is found murdered! Thus begins her adventure starting with the discovery of a priceless piece of historic jewelry found in her shop, and her attempt to return it to its rightful owner — the Louvre Museum in Paris. However, the thieves who stole it in the first place have other plans for it, and our young designer is very much in their way. They will stop at nothing to prevent her from returning the jewel to the Louvre, including murder.
In her flight across Paris and Brittany, Caitlin is helped by her close friend and employee, Aristotle Jones, a very tall black man with dreadlocks half way to his waist, and Colin Stryker, a handsome Scottish Professor who takes quite an interest in Caitlin.

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