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Field of Fantasies

Field of Fantasies: Baseball Stories of the Strange and Supernatural

Field of Fantasies

Full Description

Of all the sports played across the globe, none has more curses, superstitions, or supernatural events like baseball, America’s national pastime. While some of these can easily be explained, there are just as many that cannot.
Field of Fantasies delves right into that superstition with short stories written by several key authors about baseball and the supernatural. Whether it’s a frozen curveball, a robot pitcher, or fantasy outcomes (the Cubs winning the World Series!), these terrific stories are ones that fans of science fiction will enjoy, while fans of baseball will find strangely believable.
Included in this wonderful anthology are stories from such prolific authors as:
Stephen King
Jack Kerouac
Karen Joy Fowler
Rod Serling
W. P. Kinsella
And many more!
Never has a book combined the incredible events of baseball and science fiction like Field of Fantasies does. Whether you’re a sport or science fiction fan, these stories will appeal not only to your fandom, but also to your appreciation and acceptance of the unknown taking place on the baseball diamond. If you’ve ever held a bat or glove in your hand (or just watched the game on TV), you’ll be enthralled by these terrific tales that range from the sandlot to the sold-out stadium. ©2017