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Fire (A Matthew Raynes Story)

Matthew, a gifted psychic and shaman, finds himself at the mercy of an ancient spirit bent on saving its people, even if the cost is Matthew's life.

Fire (A Matthew Raynes Story)

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Former television medium, but very real shaman, Matthew Raynes spends his life helping those in need without much thought to what he needs. When he is called to help a friend in Greece, Matthew must contend not only with Barra Whisdon, a defiant senior archaeologist, but also with an ancient spirit who is bent on saving its people even at the cost of Matthew’s life.
Barra Whisdon is struggling to balance the love for her archaeological work and the love for her autistic daughter Gabriel as a single parent. When she meets the enigmatic Mr. Raynes in Greece on a dig, she finds herself drawn into a world she never knew existed.

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