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Fortune 500 Breakdown: If You’re Not At The Table You’re On The Menu

Learn the real 21st century rules of Corporate America.

Fortune 500 Breakdown: If You're Not At The Table You're On The Menu

Full Description

Have you ever asked yourself why unscrupulous management and ethic-less Corporations can remain? Or if they do somehow receive reprimand; why so little? Have you ever heard employees rant about their evil super villain like bosses and think “wow”, I’m glad that’s not me? Well former Fortune 500 executive turned Author, Lukas Rice delved into the subject and discovered that the first Corporations were once ran like dictatorships in the 1600’s, and instead of receiving a verbal or written warning you were more likely to get executed! Lukas found a link between big businesses of yesteryear and the 21st century that he coined the “menu theory”, and it seeks to lay a realistic framework for how big businesses operate and have always operated based on factual data and evidence. This is indeed a story, a resource, or better yet a breakdown; “The Fortune 500 Breakdown”. And this breakdown proceeds to explain why, “If you’re not at the table you’re on the menu”. So, bring a fork! ©2017