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Ghost Sex: The Violation

This story is true...You'll wish it wasn't

Ghost Sex: The Violation

Full Description

#1 in unexplained mystery and Supernatural section.


Ghost sex The Violation is the terrifying and disturbing follow up to the Worldwide bestselling A most haunted house. This true and chilling account centers on a family in Pembroke Dock, West Wales that are invaded by a paranormal presence. The home is subjected to a prolonged and frightening haunting and escalates to a sickening and disturbing series of sexual violations.

Paranormal Investigator G L Davies conducts a series of interviews with three generations of family that have been deeply affected by the vile supernatural intrusion into their lives. If you think you know about paranormal encounters, if you think this is just a Welsh version of the Entity or a more sexually descriptive version of the potter’s wheel scene in Ghost, then you are asked to reconsider and push away any preconceptions of what you are about to read. This novel is possibly the most chilling and debase paranormal account ever published and it is not for the faint of heart. Due caution is advised.

Described as “Brutal, chilling and compelling” Do you dare read?

Download now and join the investigation today and decide for yourself on what really happened to this family… and then pray it never happens to you.


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