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God At War

The Day God Decided To Flex His Muscles

God At War

Full Description

Elijah, and a person who is given no introduction, who is a new prophet, who is a new character in God’s narrative, who becomes the instrument of God’s war-hand against a local god “in power”. A body of water that shouldn’t exist, surrounded by believers who are trying to only exist in comfort, is where you will find God at war. Enter God rearranging his narrative for people to understand that He has no real need to rearrange anything. Yet He does. In God At War, you will find every character in the story being tested, tried, and placed into a submissive stance towards God. God At War is an exegetical observation of 1 Kings 17. Every character— human, deity, nature, and animals will be weighed and found matchless against a war with the One True and Living God. You will find yourself mesmerized by the details uncovered in this book and you will have no choice but to find yourself matchless against the God of 1 Kings 17. Smith’s God At War is short, powerful, and humbling.

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