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God’s Guide to the End Times

The book of Revelation in plain English.

God's Guide to the End Times

Full Description

This is the book of Revelation in plain English – All the metaphorical language is translated. All the informative interludes are clarified. And every who, what, where, when and why, is answered.
Read in plain English what God has revealed concerning the end of the world, including:
The intense trial that is coming upon the world to clarify the faith of unfaithful Christians – and how we can avoid it.
The terrible trouble that is coming upon the world to prove the defiance of unrepentant people – and why they will not escape it.
The divine judgement that awaits every person to decide the destiny of all humanity – and exactly who will go where, when and why.
Christ says that this trial, trouble and judgement will come upon the world abruptly, all of a sudden, without warning. Be informed, so that you can be prepared.
This is the clearest and truest reiteration of Christ’s revelation concerning the end times.
Whether you are a church leader, a Bible believer, or a person yet in search of the Truth, God’s Guide To The End Times will once and for all resolve any ignorance, misunderstanding, or curiosity, that you may have concerning God’s plan for the end times.
Includes FREE giant full colour companion chart via download or email.

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