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Grave Misconception

A Yorkshire Murder Mystery: The McBride Murder Mysteries (Book 1)

Grave Misconception

Full Description

Twenty one year old Lucien Bannister is a typical youth of the 21st century. He is disillusioned with his life, angry and confused. In the aftermath of his unusual childhood and turbulent teens he eventually seeks the support of his former Goth friends in Whitby, but strangely he now feels like an outsider.
Why is he here?
Who can he trust?
And how will he protect his young sister, Ellie from the evil that lurks there?
A century before at the outbreak of the Great War a plucky, young Kate Pickering is determined to solve the mystery attached to a handsome stranger arriving in Whitby. Affected by trauma and subsequent amnesia, Kate helps the stranger to regain his health and restore his memory. Then just when they think he will make a full recovery, both physically and mentally – he takes an unexpected turn for the worse.
Who is the mystery man?
Where does he come from?
And can Kate uncover the truth about his sudden relapse?
Separated by some hundred years Kate and Lucien have a strange connection.
Times passes, people change but MURDER is always MURDER.

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