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H.U.M.A.N.S The Veiled World Supernatural Selection Chronicle 1

A Twist on Elementals, Vampires, magic and many other unique beings!

H.U.M.A.N.S The Veiled World Supernatural Selection Chronicle 1

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Creatures born of a different God, or human beings as we call them, know and understand little about the Universe around them or the one that mirrors theirs. Things aren’t always what they seem to the naked eye, especially when you aren’t paying attention. That’s the beauty of their world though, it’s so easy to live and thrive undetected.
My brother Cole and I are twin Hybrid Hunters. We’ve lived content and discreetly among and like human beings for so long that many of us, as well as the Elementals that have become like family, have almost forgotten that we aren’t.
Like any race of living beings it’s the bad ones that always ruin it for everyone. No good thing can ever last for long no matter what or where you are. The sudden appearance of a deadly Nocturna on our hidden island turned out to be the least of our worries. It was the unexpected attack that left me at the mercy of a disgusting curse and would forever change my life as a born Hunter. The mysterious stranger who simply ‘showed up’ to claim the undead intruder turned out to be far more of a dangerous threat to us.
I had to learn quickly that even in a perfect world, the hunter becoming the hunted confirms that every being has something to fear—even the Nocturna.
And that hunter… is Me.


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