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Heaven Re-Scent (Book 2 – Heaven Scent series)

Serendipity has more tricks up her sleeve as Ben turns twenty-one in the second book of the series. Will love be waiting just around the corner, over the hill?

Heaven Re-Scent (Book 2 - Heaven Scent series)

Full Description

Book two in the Heaven Scent Trilogy finds Ben – Ginny and Evan’s son – following in his father footsteps as he turns twenty-one. Brought up by his Aunt Charlotte and her son – JD – on Creek Ranch and haunted since birth by the scent of jasmine, Ben feels something is missing from his life.
The box holds memories, which have stayed hidden for many years. Dormant since his parents’ death, they thrum with energy as he comes of age. Charlotte knows fate is conspiring to shape Ben’s future when she delves into the recesses of the cupboard, setting events in motion, which she hoped to avoid.
History begins to repeat itself when Jeannie, inextricably linked by a strange quirk of fate to the doomed Adams clan, meets Ben on his birthday. Love is the result – but like father, like son – serendipity has a few tricks up her sleeve.
The Ultimate Race is not for the faint hearted. Sixteen gruelling days of hard riding in the blistering heat for the big prize of the year brings the fated lovers together in this steamy cowboy romance set in the heart of Texas. Anything is possible when love waits around the corner, over the hill… ©2017