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High School Hitmen

Being in high school was never easy.

High School Hitmen

Full Description

Growing up in high school is not easy. There are so many pressures that build inside the average teenager. Two teenagers found a way to deal with that pressure. Deacon McKay and Reno Dakota live their lives like normal in high school, but they also do something that will help them in the long run. They moonlight as assassins.
Several of the pressures of high school come from other high school students. Travis Winters and his friends are the ones who like to put pressure on other students. The only problem with that is that they like to pressure one girl in particular. This proves detrimental to them because that one girl is protected by Deacon and Reno.
Now, Deacon and Reno’s secret life has to come forward to their group of friends because Travis’ uncle, Adam, is their handler. Much how Deacon doesn’t want anyone messing with his friends, Adam doesn’t want anyone messing with his family. Even if those people are his best assassins.
The Group makes another appearance in High School Hitmen as the group that is causing more problems than solving them. That leaves the question as to: What is The Group really involved in?

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