His Name is Jake

In the heart of Macon, Georgia a rich man named Uncle Trudy live in a big white two-story house with a garden in the back. Jake, African-American, early 20s walks through the garden deep in thought, Lisa, Italian, early 20s, walks up behind Jake startling him. Jake reels around and looks at Lisa, faces inches from each other. Unaware that Lisa’s fiancée Paul is watching from the upstairs window. Paul was a quiet man. Abused and molested by his father as a child, had buried anxieties from the past. Seeing Lisa and Jake together in the garden is stirring up some long forgotten feelings. Jake asks Lisa what are you doing here? Lisa takes Jakes face in her hands and kisses him. Jake pulls away. Lisa kisses Jake again, Jake stares at Lisa, they are both at the point of no return and becomes intimate in the garden. Lisa runs upstairs to her bedroom and locks the door. Paul saw what happened and vows to make them pay. The betrayal of what Lisa and Jake has done has sent Paul into a crazed state of mind of murder, mayhem and unexpected tragedies upon his family. But is it really Paul who’s committing these twisted acts of violence. In those days mix relationships were unacceptable. But what’s done in the dark always comes to the light.