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How Santa met The ELFs*

Kris Kringle's Close Encounter of the Happy Kind with Extraterrestrial Life Forms - ELFs

How Santa met The ELFs*

Full Description

Kris Kringle, a kindly Nordic tinker, sees an unusual Shooting Star centuries ago above his town in Lapland. His search for the meteor leads him to a “Close Encounter of the Happy Kind”, an eternal partnership with friendly little Extraterrestrial Life Forms (ELFs) and their “Magical” UFO technology, in this 21st Century re-imagining of the Santa Claus fable! This accessible, rhyming Children’s Picture Book is a tribute to both Dr. Seuss and Clement Moore’s Classic: “A Visit from St. Nick” (Twas the Night Before Christmas)! A charming holiday tale for children of all ages that entertains and encourages the love of learning and making new friends in little ones everywhere! Written by NY actor, Ben Dasaro, and beautifully illustrated by renowned Indie comics artist, Batton Lash, this unique work is finally available in print, updated for 2016 from the original Kindle ebook by the same creators.
About the Author
Ben Dasaro, a veteran actor and writer from Brooklyn, NY, is a lover of all things Christmas! This is his first venture into Children’s books, and this is the first print version of How Santa met The ELFs, updated for 2016 from the original 2013 Kindle ebook! This book was inspired by Clement Moore and Dr. Seuss and is dedicated to their memory!!!

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