Inscription: A suspense novel of a different kind

Having reached the peak of her acting career as well as some form of an emotional dead end, Sara Whitley decides to take her existence to the next, more purposeful level. She brazenly sets off from Beverly Hills for war-torn Bosnia in October 1995, pledging her capital and her celebrity persona to a worthy cause. Sadly, her ambitions and the reality don’t get a chance to coincide – despite having taken all the measures of precaution applicable to someone of her stature, she winds up in Bosnian mountains utterly unprepared for the events to follow.

“Standing at the river’s edge, she was petrified – shimmering in the moonlight, it was flowing precariously quick for her liking and didn’t seem nearly as narrow as Marco described it. Exhaling vapour with every breath only pointed to the fact that, if the air temperature was so low, the water should be bitterly cold at best, she further deduced”

The comfort-packed world Sara is accustomed to vanishes in the blink of an eye and a new one, swollen with peril, begins to envelop her. The deliverance… it seems farther away with every step forward.