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Isecas The Dream Cat and The New School

Entertaining and inspiring! Isecas helps kids to believe in themselves.

Isecas The Dream Cat and The New School

Full Description

Discover why kids, parents and teachers are raving about this children’s book!
“I usually don’t like to read but this was FANTASTIC!!!!” – Maggie Hawkins – young reader
“The book is great to use as a springboard for discussing feelings, self-esteem and treating others with respect. I can’t wait to see more books about the Dream Cat!!!” – Harriette Connell – Teacher
“My girls love this book and are hoping for more Isecas in the future!” – Brett Russell – Parent
“A powerful story and it’s a page turner to boot.” – Richard Comely – Illustrator of 13 children’s books
Feeling out of place, bullied and alone, Sahar doesn’t want to go to school anymore. When she’s given an ancient Dream Cat, it shows her she’s capable of more than she’d ever dreamed possible.
Isecas The Dream Cat is a heart-warming tale about a young girl’s struggle to adjust to life in a new school, in a new country. She’s guided through a process of self-discovery, learning confidence and self-reliance by the mysterious and mystical Dream Cat known only as Isecas.
A delightful kids book, great for ages 6-10

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