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Ismark: The Marked Boy

Join Eirick, ayoung Ismarkian slave, to discover his destiny

Ismark: The Marked Boy

Full Description

In the fantasy land of Ismark a child slave called Eirick has his life thrown into chaos and adventure by a blaze in his slave encampment. Thus starts the journey where we join Eirick on his life exploring new places and battling cultures.
Meanwhile around him lays a more hidden world of political manipulation, greed, treachery and barbarism.
In this first book of the new Ismark series we enter an exciting and wonderful original fantasy world inspired by ancient Norse culture as well as touches of Roman and Persian culture as well as adventures exploring the darker and more noble aspects of people that must live in such a world.
This is the first book by Norwegian author JH Lillevik who has written many short stories, comics, scripts and articles for over 20 years.

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