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I’ve Seen Dry

A tale of mystery, history, redemption and small town life on the western prairie.

I've Seen Dry

Full Description

A naive young preacher, new to town and to his vocation, encounters some intriguing questions as he visits with two nursing home residents. Both women demand much attention. He seeks to peel back the layers of mystery as, at the same time, he learns about local history and the general lay of the land in a town that makes confidentiality nearly impossible. The 1918 killing and the political tensions behind it were still affecting the rural community sixty years later. If you’ve experienced rural small town life, you already know some of the people you’ll meet. If you’ve traveled the western prairie, you’ll recognize the varieties in its flatland and badland country. Since this well received debut novel, Mr. Elliott has published novels *The Shallows of Jabbok* and *It’s Not About You, Wally*.

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