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Jack McAfghan: A Journey to the Other Side of Grief

Sometimes the End of Something is the Beginning of Everything.

Jack McAfghan: A Journey to the Other Side of Grief

Full Description

Written from beyond Rainbow Bridge, canine Jack reveals secrets of coping with life after loss. As he teaches you what to expect during the grief process, he will guide you through the grief, grow you in your faith and leave you with a gentle smile. Join many other readers who have been healed by the time they turn the final page! Once you learn how to do it, Jack’s wisdom can be applied to every relationship in your life for as long as you live. Jack brings the wisdom of a lifetime to his readers as he expands our tolerance and compassion for all of humanity. He proves that there is life after death and that love never dies.
This heartwarming and spiritual account of Jack’s life will touch everyone who has ever loved. It matters not if they have four legs or two. Jack leads us to a higher love by extending himself to every creature of the earth, every human on the planet, every spirit in the universe — and most of all to the bona fide Master over Heaven and Earth.

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