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Jack’s Song

Ayala Saar, children's book, self esteem, Music, Teach kids Values Ebook: Rhymes: Beautiful Picture Book for Kids, Early Readers, beginner readers Bedtime Story for kids

Jack's Song

Full Description

Do you love Music? Read all about Jack’s
Jack plays piano, guitar, and trombone.
And his music he writes, all on his own.
“The notes are his letters; the chords are his words.
The melody is Jack’s way to speak to the world.”
Music touches the hearts of everyone, but does every musician have to play to an audience?
Jack is a shy young boy who writes his own music and plays piano, guitar, and trombone.
Everyone tells him what a gift he has and how one day, he will be a star.
But Jack knows who he is; he doesn’t want to be a star. He wants to play his own music where no one else can see or hear.
His parents want Jack to share his gifts and talents with others, but Jack refuses.
Will his parents respect his decision? Will Jack remain true to himself?
Will he agree to share his special gift with the rest of the world?
Read all about Jack’s musical talent and the way it touches everyone who listens to his music.
Follow Jack’s journey as he learns about the importance of being himself and finding his own way of sharing the magic of his music.
Jack’s heartwarming book encourages everyone to be who they are!

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