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Jimmy Catfish – The Beginning and The End

Don't go near The Brack

Jimmy Catfish - The Beginning and The End

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Two friends have sold their homes and are leaving their archipelago, because all 10 islands have disasters and droughts. One island is being buried alive by creeping, boiling lava, people are dying horribly from thirst on another. Cisco and his boyhood friend Carlos find a way out by joining the crew of the last three masted sailing ship still operating commercially.
Things go well for a few years but disaster strikes one night in the form of a Northeast Gale that wrecks the ship and severely injures Cisco. In the company of sailors in New Bedford and a beautiful Native American woman, his life seems to be back on track. When his old friend gives him a cottage on a 24 acre site next to a lake in Cape Cod, life seems perfect – but for the lake. It’s the strangest body of water in the world. It has three separate and unequal sections – one third salt water, one third fresh, and one third eerie water that the locals call The Brack. It is said that evil lurks in the cloudy waters, in the form of killer fish. Soon, Cisco endures another tragedy even worse that deadly, giant catfish. The new horror pushes him to the edges of his sanity and propels the story into a new and terrifying direction.

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