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A different kind of vampire story.


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RACHEL was sixteen when she met MAX, mortal sixteen. She could never understand why he had taken such an interest in a young naive girl, he was an Ancient after all and had travelled the world and met such interesting people, and she hadn’t left the colony that she was born into. But MAX was there for a reason and he had a plan. On the day of RACHEL’S embrace into the Vampire way, MAX sees his chance and steals the most sacred Vampire item, The Book of Nod. The Book contains all the names of every Vampire that is kindred and it also contains sacred chants that will bring back the mother of all Vampires, Lilith, from the Underworld to unleash her wrath upon mortals and immortals alike. RACHEL’S parents are the guardians of the book so to have it stolen from them is a crime to which they will paid dearly for; banishment from the security of the Elysium. When RACHEL returns from her transformation into Vampire life she finds them already sentenced, so she finds them a safe place to sleep and promises to find the book and restore them back into the Vampire Elysium.
MAX should have chosen his allies more wisely for shortly after he steals the book, it’s stolen from him and then it just disappears. Three hundred years pass and RACHEL is in her favourite place, the tower of Cardiff Castle, watching revelers as they make their way home. One night she decides to follow some of them and enters a nightclub, its Halloween and all the customers are dressed in various themed costumes. RACHEL meets DANIEL, the nightclub owner and falls instantly in love.
For the past few weeks Cardiff has been gripped by news of a series of grisly deaths that are baffling the police. The latest waves of murders are becoming more frequent. RACHEL lives with her close friend ARUN, in a Vampire Coven that houses at times up to twelve Vampires and is a safe haven for those travelling through. ARUN is worried that RACHEL stays out late, he’s learnt that the murders are being committed by one of their own kind, but none of them can sense who it is so they have to be careful. DANIEL lives with four friends in a Mansion that used to belong to his uncle. DANIEL’S uncle was very eccentric, he would only allow DANIEL’S mother to come visit him and none of the other family members and when the old man dies, he leaves his entire wealth to DANIEL. After his Uncle’s death, DANIEL is sent a box which contains an explanation as to why he had inherited such a vast amount. DANIEL’S uncle had an affair with his brothers’ wife resulting in DANIEL’S mother, but it was considered a family secret, so his Uncle was in fact his Grandfather. DANIEL’S Grandfather belonged to a secret society that had been in existence since the time of the Crusades and they used to hunt down Vampires and this makes ARUN not trust DANIEL or like him. DANIEL and his friends are very close, TOBEY is DANIEL’S best friend and co-owner of the club, the Underground Palace, JULIETTE sings at the club, POGUE tends the bar, CASSIE helps at the club and JOSHUA is their youngest friend who takes care of the house. JULIETTE hates RACHEL and is doing all she can to split them up. One day in the Mansion, TOBEY by chance, finds one half of a scroll hidden in a secret panel and decides to sell it. When RACHEL learns that it has been found she tries to warn TOBEY that he has to get rid of the scroll and offers to buy it, but TOBEY isn’t that fond of her either and declines claiming all she’s interest in is the scroll and not DANIEL which RACHEL denies. Taking the scroll out of its shroud has alerted several Vampires and MAX gets to TOBEY and kills him. DANIEL is now caught in the middle; MAX didn’t get the scroll before he killed TOBEY so he has to return. RACHEL knows this so she arrives at the Mansion under false pretences and starts to look for the scroll but is interrupted by DANIEL who is shocked to learn that she’s looking for whatever TOBEY was killed for. She tells him that the scroll will help lure TOBEY’s killer so DANIEL agrees to help her and eventually they find the panel and the scroll. Minutes later, two members of a Vampire clan who are loyal to MAX bust through the patio windows and RACHEL and DANIEL manage to escape. After a car chase which ends in the death of the two attacking Vampires, RACHEL takes DANIEL to the Coven and against the rules of the Vampire covenant and the advice of ARUN, she begins to explain who they are and what they are looking for. The search is on to find the book and to stop MAX at all costs. While RACHEL and ARUN are sleeping, DANIEL goes back to the Mansion, he remembers that his Grandfather once showed him a very special book and told him it was magic; the book had to be in the Mansion. DANIEL looks through the pictures and letters that his Grandfather had left him after his death and sees a picture of his Grandfather standing in the study, behind him is a painting and in the painting he’s holding the book! The painting had to be amongst the artefacts that were gathering dust in the cellar, but he couldn’t see it. The cellar always had one door that was impossible to open so the occupants had decided to just leave it closed. It had to be in there, why else would it be so hard to open! DANIEL opens the door and finds the final clue. Running to the study he follows the clues and finds the book. Excited he rushes back to the Coven and encounters ARUN who tells him to leave, DANIEL shows him the book. They are attacked and ARUN is knocked unconscious and DANIEL is kidnapped. Now MAX has the second scroll AND the book! And there’s only one place where the book would feel safe enough to open up its contents, the sacred city of the Elysium, where he stole it from in the first place. When RACHEL, ARUN and DANIEL reach the Elysium they see it in ruins. MAX starts to read from the book and when one of the Elders tries to stop him, he kills him. He’s now broken one of the Vampire rules, ‘and thou shalt not harm one of thine own’. And now the book exacts its revenge. With blinding arcs of lightning, it strikes the attacking Vampires, turning them to dust. RACHEL, ARUN and even DANIEL are fighting, avoiding the lightening bolts when RACHEL notices a fire in the Temple. The Book! RACHEL runs in and in her presence, the book stops the fire and closes itself. But MAX has escaped. MAX’S main thug is still in the Elysium and hopes to bargain for his life, he tells ARUN where Max will be and then RACHEL, ARUN and DANIEL make their way there. At MAX’S hideout there is another fight with Vampire soldiers and MAX’S guards, mortal and immortal, and then RACHEL’S wish, face to face with MAX. As their swords lock in battle, DANIEL finds his way into their arena, MAX is sickened that RACHEL no longer has feelings for him but prefers the mortal and as MAX knocks RACHEL to the other side of the room with a mighty punch, he heads towards DANIEL and lunges his sword into him. RACHEL is heartbroken, DANIEL is dying and it’s MAX’S fault. Swords thrust and parry, clash of metal on metal until MAX’S strength is weak and RACHEL wounds MAX making him fall to the ground. Then the whistle of her blade is the last sound he hears. RACHEL runs to DANIEL, his breathing is shallow, he’s near death. RACHEL opens a wound on her wrist, but will DANIEL drink? Of course he will. RACHEL is at the stone coffin that houses her parents, she’s smiling as the drops of her blood enter their mouths and they are restored to their former selves.
It’s almost sunrise and RACHEL and DANIEL are looking out over Cardiff, the city she’s grown to love, as they hold each other tightly the sun rises and they are gone.

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