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Kenco: The Goddaughter

There Is Good In Me, But The Dark In Me Overrules It.

Kenco: The Goddaughter

Full Description

Kenco Diamond is a teen like no other. Taken under the wing of a gang leader at fourteen, she was trained and learnt every physical and mental skill to become a notorious and feared desperado with the tag name Demon, known to other gangs as The Goddaughter. Showing no mercy at all when it came to punishment and murder, Kenco only spared the lives of innocents and never let her feelings get in the way of who and what she was… until she met Tyler Douglas, a young man in her class. Kenco begins to have a heart after spending time with Tyler, someone normal, and she starts to feel conflicted… until she got a severe wake-up call after being brutally attacked by someone who wanted revenge on her, and she realises that Demon is who she is, what she is, and she will always be The Goddaughter.

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