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The Last Dragon Slayer (Deathsworn Arc Book 1)

A band of misfits set out to slay a dragon.

The Last Dragon Slayer (Deathsworn Arc Book 1)

Full Description

Saul Karza, wizard of the Empire, has been given a quest by the Empress herself: To find and slay a mythical ‘noble dragon’ – said to be near invulnerable.
Instead of leading a large band of soldiers, archers and spell-casters; he sets out with two immigrant dock-workers and a homeless dwarf.
What Saul needs is the legendary ‘Last Dragon Slayer’ on his side, because on this deadly quest, it’s not only Saul’s favour with the Empress that’s at stake – but also his life.
During the quest Saul recruits an enigmatic dark elf, who bears a curse preventing him from revealing a mysterious ‘truth’. They are later joined by an absconding bride, a mischievous, and occasionally sadistic female elf who takes great delight in mocking and degrading certain members of the party. At times it seems whether they even reach the dragon is uncertain. When they get there, nothing is as it seems and it seems unlikely any of them will survive the encounter.

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