Leviathan: A Collection of Poetry

Leviathan, a collection of poetry by Kent C Schroer, is a thrilling mixture of old and new: it both embodies the struggles of the author’s past, and the present wisdom of a man with lived experience. One thing that makes this collection so special is its origin. In between his first book, Pillars of Sand, and his second, the since unreleased version of Leviathan, an event took place that almost cost him his life- hence, this book, and this version, would never have seen the light of day were it not for some wonderful people- friends, family, and strangers included. Where Pillars of Sand saw the poet in turmoil, Leviathan is a book dealing more with resolution, finding peace in oneself, and keeping demons at bay. In it, you will find themes of religion and myth, nature, and personal events that have offered, in many ways, strength and healing. Ultimately, this book is an exercise in reflection: it is a peek into the past of someone battling with mental illness, drugs and dark ideations, while keeping a hopeful eye on the future. Kent has picked only the best poems from the first collection, and the best from the second, and with a writing finesse that has grown with age, distilled them down to their purest, most impactful forms. This is the perfect collection for any lover of poetry, and above all for those who feel the universal struggles of being a human.