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Listening to the Wind

Tragedy leads a boy to become a man.

Listening to the Wind

Full Description

Blain Coulter lives with his Cheyenne mother, White Feather, in a Wyoming town. Bullied by the privileged, Todd brothers, Blain finds it difficult to deal with life. When his mother dies Blain returns to the reservation to live with his Indian grandfather. He finds love with a beautiful Indian girl, Summer Moon, who like him is a half-breed. When a jealous foe, Running Elk, shoots an arrow at him, Summer Moon steps in its path to save Blain. Setting out on a vengeance hunt Blain is unsuccessful in locating Running Elk and returns to the White mans world where he learns to use a gun. Drifting and using his gun to survive, Blain falls in with the wrong people and walks for a while on the wild side. Remembering his upbringing Blain slowly turns his life around. He becomes a cowboy and eventually a ranch foreman before becoming a U.S. Marshall. Working as a lawman he finds love again with a waitress, Kelly Withers, before a outlaws bullet takes her out of his life. Devastated by Kelly’s death and the death of a close friend Blain again feels loss. While trying to deal with his loss Blain finds out he as a half sister, Allison Coulter. Allison gives Blain new hope as he takes on the lawless and the Todd brothers as well as gunmen that were once his friends. Facing over whelming odds Blain successful cleans up his old home town and finds a love he thought he lost.

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