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Loreticus and The Convenient Murder

Your favourite spy finds himself as chief suspect in a classic murder-mystery

Loreticus and The Convenient Murder

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“Eloquently written, Loreticus works on every level” ~ Grady Harp, author of War Songs and Amazon Hall of Fame reviewer
It’s time to play as dirty as the other team
A historical thriller for whodunnit fans
Loreticus, the brilliant young spymaster of the empire, is chased out of the capital by a feud amongst his masters. He returns to his ancestral home in the mountains, desperate to get some rest from the bickering and politics.
But as soon as he arrives back to the village, he finds that the enemy has made his family’s old country house home. Within twenty four hours, the interloper is dead – murdered – and Loreticus and his agent Selban are prime suspects. Can they find the missing assassin and the vanishing suspect before the generals demand that they swing for murder?
In Loreticus, JB Lucas has created a remarkable world of historical fiction that has parallels in both ancient Rome and modern diplomacy. Compelling historical fiction for fans of Steven Saylor and Lindsay Davies, Loreticus is soon to become your new favourite spy.
Note: this series is set 20 years before the Lost Emperor saga
Reviews of other Loreticus books (all on Amazon):
“On every one of the pages, readers are sure to [find] the kind of wide-eyed fascination that renders authors unforgettable and their work resonant.”
“High stakes diplomacy on the run.”
“Gripping, intelligent and rewarding.”
“If you like intrigue, cynicism and page-turning backstabbing then this is for you.”
“Couldn’t put it down”
“So exciting that I read it in a single weekend”

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