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Lost Loot of Lima

A lost treasure found, an abducted girlfriend and a daring rescue.

Lost Loot of Lima

Full Description

Kyle, while diving off the coast of Cocos Island with his girlfriend Jenny, discovers a large cache of treasure, thought to be part of the famous Lost Treasure of Lima. However, his boat is subsequently stolen and Jenny abducted by a Colombian Cartel. Can Kyle put together a team to rescue Jenny, retrieve his boat and the treasure?
Be part of the adventure as the story initially takes you back to 1820 when the treasure was stolen. Underwater scenes and travels through the lush flora of Cocos Island, as well as the mountains of Colombia, will take you on a journey packed with action and suspense.
“The books latter half is an action-packed romp, as a daring rescue takes the team on an extended chase. A thriller with sound action and a reliable protagonist…” – Kirkus Reviews

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