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Marc Lépine

The Montreal Massacre

Marc Lépine

Full Description


With extreme hatred in his heart against feminism, an act that feminists would label ‘gynocide’, a heavily armed Marc Lépine entered the University École Polytechnique de Montreal, and after allowing the male students to leave, systematically murdered 14 female students.

But what motivated Lépine to carry out this heinous crime? Mass murderer, madman, cold-blooded killer, misogynist, political zealot? Or was he simply another desperate person frustrated with his powerless status in this world?


(NOTE: The case of Lépine has been debated among the most prestigious criminologists in the country. This account entails some of the most controversial opinions of these experts to date. The views of said experts are NOT those of the author.)

Only one thing is known for sure – Lépine’s actions on December 6, 1989 radically changed this country and why he did what he did is much more complex than we will ever know.
This is the second book in Crimes Canada : True Crimes That Shocked The Nation collection. The third volume will be released on May 22 by Peter Vronsky – Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka: The Ken and Barbie Killers

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