Meet Odie (A Paw Smart Book)

Featured on The Gittle List of the 2017 Best Self-Published Children’s Books, plus Kid-tested, Story Monsters Approved!

Written from a dog’s perspective, this lighthearted, interactive book teaches young children about dogs. Odie describes his physical traits, behaviors, apparel, adventures, and other insightful facts about dogs and other animals.

Engaging color photographs
First person (dog) voice
Conversational tone (you and me)
Friendly educational messages
Child-centric glossary

Starts conversations
Helps children better understand dogs
Promotes enjoying dogs, nature, and exercise
Encourages making friends and being curious


Hi. My name is Odin, but friends call me Odie.

I am eight years old. I live in a blue and white house.

My yard has big trees and a goldfish pond with five fish. Some fish are shy and hide, but mine say hello.

– Paw Smart-

Dogs and fish come in many sizes. I am a big dog.

Fish may be smaller or bigger than you and me. They can be as small as peas or as big as school buses.