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Mindset – A Sci-Fi Novel

Not all technology is for the good of mankind

Mindset - A Sci-Fi Novel

Full Description

It was cooler than usual in Los Angeles that night, as Jack Cooper walked out of a business dinner going south. Jack was the leading neuroscientist and inventor of the new Mindset bluetooth technology that converted thoughts to text. As he sped down Western Ave, he noticed a black SUV trailing closely behind. Curious to see if the vehicle would follow, he quickly turned right onto the I-10 ramp. As he took his eyes off the road for one last second, he heard the squealing of tires, the twisting of metal, combined with the airbag explosion and the shattering of broken glass. The impact flipped the car over and skidded down the ramp on its roof. Still buckled, Jack was dazed but he knew his injuries were extensive. As he tried to climb out of the car, the pain became unbearable, and then all went dark.


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