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MISSING PIECES: A Romance in Parts

Love is stronger than any scar - or any fear.

MISSING PIECES: A Romance in Parts

Full Description

Five years ago, Lazaro Dias, head of a multi-billion-dollar American electronics firm, was attacked by gangsters while heading home from a meeting in Mexico. They forced his car over a cliff, leaving him seriously injured and with a lifetime’s worth of scars.
But the greatest scar was on his heart – his assistant, and the unrequited love of his life, was killed in the attack. Ever since, he’d buried himself in his work, afraid to let his wounds show, afraid to love again … until a chance meeting with an old flame reawakens him to the possibility of romance.
However, she has scars of her own – more serious than he can imagine. And his old enemies south of the border haven’t all gone away. Will Laz be able to face his fears and hers, to not only triumph over his adversaries but over physical pain and heartbreak?
A suspense-filled romance, ranging from the skyscrapers of the Middle East and the glitz of Hollywood to the slums and factories of Tijuana – read and watch as the MISSING PIECES come together …


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