MONEY TIPS-Beating the System for Cheaters, Outlaws, Punks, Bohemians

Yes hello, calling all ne’er-do-wells, mountebanks, the counter-culture folk, come out of the cupboards ya boys and girls, the under grounders. The riders on the storm out on the fringes, all you people and more, hell wake up granny. Finally a book about all the tricks and tips you need to both make and keep money by playing the system for all it’s worth. Consider, Blackjack (21) has what is known as a basic strategy. It’s different from card counting. It is simply based on the mathematics and odds, the strategy to use so you are always making the best play possible in every given situation, thus improving your chances considerably. This book will show you how to improve your odds while using every trick in the book to beat the system, play the angles and generally wreak havoc upon your unsuspecting fellow man. And why not? He’s out to beat you. Use this handy guide to manage your money, learn the tricks in dealing with credit cards, taxes, lawsuits, insurance, government programs, the law, the courts and much, much more.Tired of playing by the rules when you’re just about the only one left doing so? I was, so I wrote this book. You’ve got to stop coloring between the lines.