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My Fair Lady: Eleanor of Provence, Henry III’s Lost Queen

Married at 12, she was queen consort of England; beautiful, but hated by the people.

My Fair Lady: Eleanor of Provence, Henry III's Lost Queen

Full Description

Eleanor of Provence, bright, beautiful, intelligent–married as a young girl to the much older Henry III, King of England.
A marriage surprisingly happy, with the king pouring wealth upon his young wife’s relatives…incurring the wrath of the Barons.
Eleanor, devoted mother, who fought the will of the monks to stay in a monastery and nurse her sick son, the future Edward I.
Eleanor, caught in court intrigue, with the powerful, disturbing Baron, Simon de Montfort, looming at every turn–friend or foe? Or what else?
Eleanor, attacked while on a barge passing under London Bridge, as the kingdom seems to slip away from her and Henry.
Eleanor in victory, de Montfort slain at Evesham by her son’s mighty forces. But there is a price to pay.
Eleanor, a widow, seeking peace after so many years of strife, ending her days in Amesbury Priory in the shadow of Stonehenge, a convent thought in Eleanor’s time to be the final refuge of Queen Guinevere, whose legends the queen had ever loved.
Today, Eleanor of Provence is lost to time, one of the lesser known English Queens, her gravesite obliterated, its whereabouts forgotten—one of the few English monarchs to have no known tomb.

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