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No Expectations

He's everything and more. I wish he saw me as more than just some kid. I wish I knew what to say to make him notice me. But I'm too late, the moment passed and he's gone.

No Expectations

Full Description

Without school as a distraction, I’m lonely as hell. No boyfriend this year. No friends. All I had were my dogs and my customers. Then he noticed me. I was invisible at home but seen by his soft knowing eyes. He’d pierced my soul with a glance and a simple question before he showed me what it felt like to be wanted. Maybe I could grow up and become a woman worthy of him after all. —
Spending the holidays alone shouldn’t have felt this devastating. How could I still not enjoy my own company? Maybe I’ve depended on my family too much. They should be able to live their own lives for a few days. I could manage. Besides, how could I fall apart when she was right there? Her sweet innocent eyes looked into mine and I knew she’d take the loneliness away. I would do anything to keep her coming back.

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