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The Old Blood (Legacy of Magic: Book One)

Power is stirring in Tally — Can she stay alive to master it?

The Old Blood (Legacy of Magic: Book One)

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Tally is on the run. When her parents were killed, she was shipped off to live with her Uncle Viktor in Chicago. Lonely, afraid, and forced to work for her uncle, Tally’s life was not at all what she had dreamed it would be. Now, it just got worse. The creepy guy she had been seeing on the bus the last couple of weeks followed her home. She is sent off with a mysterious set of nesting dolls and a simple command, “Get to Pottersfield.”

Running for her life with her uncle, she learns that she has The Old Blood, and so did her mother. The Old Blood manifests its power differently in everyone. For generations, Grigori, the creep from the bus, has been hunting her family in order to kill them and steal their power. Her parents had left simple instructions for Viktor: take Tally to the Pottersfield Institute. But he had never done it. The Pottersfield Institute is somehow connected to her parents, and the people there can help her unravel the secrets hidden in the nesting doll.

Tally must learn to use her powers, stay one step of Grigori, and get to Pottersfield alive.




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