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Over The Line

Everyone needs a second chance

Over The Line

Full Description

Brandon Powell, the keyboardist for the hit rock band Ravenheart, wants his friend and bandmate Steve Conner to be happy. Steve is a sexy and famous musician, but Brandon knows that his rock star persona hides a sensitive side. Onstage, Steve is electric. In private, he is miserable. Why? When Steve obliquely refers to high school heartbreak, Brandon decides to play detective.
Meanwhile, back in Steve’s hometown of Goldspur, Colorado, Gina Loyola supports her long-time best friend, Nikky Vasquez. Gina loves Nikky’s adorable daughter but hates Nikky’s snobbish husband. She knows Nikky has truly been in love with only one man—Steve. Gina thought Nikky and Steve were perfect for each other, but they broke up in high school and went their separate ways.
When Brandon meets Gina, the two cook up a scheme to get Steve and Nikky back together. Along the way, they’ll have to confront the feelings their partnership has awakened. Can the two reunite the lovelorn couple? And can they earn their own happy ending?
In this sizzling and sweet romance, S. D. Michaels weaves a powerful tale of redemption, second chances, and new beginnings

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