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Overcoming Fears: Turning Them into Strength and Confidence (Personal Development Book)

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Overcoming Fears: Turning Them into Strength and Confidence (Personal Development Book)

Full Description

What prevents people from reaching their goal, changing their dull life, staying healthy, and, at last, feeling happy? What controls our subconsciousness and destroys our plans? It is a sense of fear whether inspired by our past experiences, or maybe the experience of our family and friends.
In life, we always face many fears, and it is tough to overcome them because we got used to them, they have created a so-called “comfort zone” for us, which is very difficult to get out.
People find many ways to suffer. You ought to understand this mechanism and learn how to control it. Moreover, the “sufferers” should know that all they strive for in their minds – close relationship, impressive work, social communication, inner peace – are located outside their comfort zone. Moreover, the subconscious pulls them into a habitual suffering, so it is important while realizing it, stop enjoying the pain, and learn to accept and enjoy interest, pleasure, intimacy.
Here is a deeper look at the notion of a “comfort zone.” The term is quite common, although many people are confused with the word “support.” After all, in the ordinary sense of the word comfort means ease, and something pleasant. Although in reality “comfort zone” is slightly different: it is a situation familiar to you, where you know what to do. That does not mean that in a convenience area, everything should be good and comfortable. It should be habitual, but for many people, regularly is not to say beautiful, quite the contrary.
I will try to help you overcome the most common fears if you want it. However, you need to reconsider your life and pick your fears, something you are afraid of, exactly. When you find this out, consider that your path of defeating negativity that settled in your subconsciousness became shorter by 50%!
Let’s discuss the most important areas of human life, where the sense of fear does not allow changing anything.
Here You Will Learn…
Fear and Income
Fear and Health
Body Map of Fears
Fear and Relationship
Bonus! 5 Efficient Exercises, Which Will Help You to Overcome Your Fears! (Complete collection – save $1.99)
Much, much more!

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