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PEACE A Navy Seal Novel

An Amazon exclusive - 728 pages for only $2.99 Brutally tempered during his imprisonment in Iraq, Peace (Pauley) becomes a deadly sentinel against America's enemies. 

PEACE A Navy Seal Novel

Full Description

Dan and Pauley walk to school together, beginning a lifetime friendship. Dan embraces honor and courage, while Pauley endures his school years in fear. They go their separate ways after high school, until fate reunites them in an Iraqi prison cell. Finally rejecting his fear, Pauley dedicates himself to following Dan’s example.

Earning his way onto the Navy Seal Team, Dan commands, Pauley embarks on a path paralleling Dan’s. In dogged defense of their nation, Dan leads with concrete ideals, and Pauley follows from the shadows. Peace, as Pauley is known to his Seal Team comrades, blends honor and duty with darker means. ©2017