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Planet Neverland

Welcome to Planet Neverland, where all your dreams become reality and responsibilities are a worry of the past...

Planet Neverland

Full Description

Wendy Darling has always been the dutiful, doting sister to her twin brothers, John and Michael, so wrapped up in protecting them from themselves that she’s put her life on hold, never experiencing any of the excitement the world has to offer for herself.
Now adults, the boys are tired of being stifled by Wendy’s smothering and long for freedom and adventure. They get more than they bargained for when they meet Peter, a street performer from another planet, on Earth seeking new additions to his show.
Peter’s in dire straits after most of his crew disappeared without a trace. He’s desperate for more performers and happily accepts the twins into his crew — even if it means their bossy sister tags along. She insists.
There’s more to Wendy than meets the eye; her biting wit and fierce protectiveness make her stand up against Peter like no one ever has — and he likes it.
But Neverland isn’t as worry-free as Peter promised. Performers are vanishing in droves and despite his burgeoning romance with Wendy, Peter knows he has a target on his back. It’s only a matter of time before his past catches up to him.
Caught between loyalty and love, they’ll each have to pick a side and the wrong choice could easily spell the end for Neverland — or disaster for their love.

Book Genre ©2017